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Building The Future With BIM. Discover The Endless Possibilities And Unlock New Horizons With

In AEC Projects, BIM Improves

  • Team Collaboration & Design Accuracy
  • Clash Detection & Coordination
  • Facility Operation & Maintenance
  • Sustainability & Energy Analysis
  • Documentation & Record-Keeping
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Expert BIM Course in Kochi for Aspiring Professionals

BIM Courses for Architects & Civil Engineers

For Architects & Civil Engineers, BIM offers a dynamic platform to create 3D models of buildings, allowing you to visualize your designs in a realistic manner. You'll also discover how BIM enhances collaboration among project stakeholders, making communication smoother and design changes more efficient.

BIM Master Course for MEP Engineers

For MEP Engineers, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a smart, 3D-based method that assists them in designing, detailing, documenting, and fabricating building systems with greater efficiency. BIM fosters enhanced teamwork, data sharing, and quicker project delivery throughout the design-to-construction journey.

  • Introduction to Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing systems
  • BIM software tools for MEP
  • MEP modelling (including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), Electrical systems, Plumbing, Fire protection, and other related components).
  • Parametric family creation
  • Shop drawings and Spool drawing creation
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3D schematic overlay of MEP systems on architectural plans, part of a BIM Master Course for MEP Engineers, showcasing ductwork, piping, and electrical equipment in a detailed, color-coded layout.

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BIM isn't just software; it's a complete method for designing, building, and handling construction projects. Mastering BIM means more than just using the tools; it's about using them effectively in real projects. To land your dream job, practical experience is vital. Join our BIM courses taught by industry experts to gain that experience.

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02. Graduate

Many Western and Middle Eastern countries make BIM mandatory. So, it's important to choose instructors who know BIM rules in those areas. Our parent company, DDG BIM, helps clients worldwide with BIM. Graduating from BIM Cafe will make you stand out from other schools, giving you an advantage.

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03. Improved Employability

Knowledge of BIM makes students more attractive to potential employers. Many construction firms now use BIM extensively. Acquiring skills in BIM opens doors to a range of career opportunities and strengthens one's potential for career growth within the dynamic BIM industry.

Stay Ahead of the Curve And Empower Your Design Skills with BIM Training

Engineering students must embrace the latest technologies like BIM to unlock diverse opportunities. BIM Cafe in Kochi, part of DDG BIM Services, stands at the forefront of BIM education in Kerala. Our BIM courses in Ernakulam are designed to deepen your understanding of BIM processes and technology, complemented by hands-on project experience.

Join us at BIM Cafe for industry-leading BIM software courses and training. Nestled in the heart of Kerala, our BIM institute equips you with skills for the digital construction sector, offering BIM course with placement. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to preparing you for success with BIM training that aligns with the evolving architecture and construction landscape.

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Master The Art Of Understanding Client Design Instructions.


Secure The Well-Paying Job You’ve Always Dreamed Of.


Master Project Expertise Before You Secure Your First Job.


Be a part of the revolutionary transformation of construction industry through BIM!

At BIM Cafe, we focus on offering the latest Building Information Modelling (BIM) courses to all BIM enthusiasts. We prioritize excellence, creativity, teamwork, and integrity. Our parent company, DDG BIM (Design Development Group) Services, situated at Infopark in Ernakulam, is an Engineering Service provider primarily serving the Middle East and Europe. This means that you can gain hands-on experience by working on actual projects at BIM Cafe, paving the way for your dream job.

At BIM Cafe, you can expect:

  • A lively learning atmosphere with skilled instructors.
  • A convenient location in vibrant Infopark, Ernakulam.
  • Modern facilities for effective learning, including updated technology.
  • Realistic workplace simulation for practical skills and confidence.
  • Experienced educators and industry professionals for practical guidance.
  • Hands-on experience with actual projects, helping you achieve your dream job.
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Our Vision

Our vision is to equip students of architecture, civil, and MEP engineering students & professionals with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the fast-paced BIM industry. We provide the students with the most accurate and current information possible along with real-world, hands-on training in BIM. We aspire to be the premier global destination for BIM training and expertise, shaping a future where BIM is not just a tool but a mindset that revolutionizes the way we build and design.

Our Mission

Our parent company, DDG BIM Services always struggled to get students who have good global project experience to work. We understand that just learning the Revit tools is not sufficient to work on real-world BIM projects. Our mission is to provide thorough and advanced BIM education, covering various levels of project details (LODs) for students and professionals. By providing practical training and hands-on project experience, we are committed to developing and forming highly qualified people who will promote innovation and excellence in the field of BIM.

Why Should You Learn BIM?

BIM brings improved teamwork, visualization, efficiency, risk reduction, cost savings, and better facility management. Students and professionals in Civil, Architecture, and MEP gain a competitive advantage in the AEC industry by mastering BIM. They learn skills for collaborative work, better design understanding, conflict resolution, performance optimization, precise documentation, and efficient project management.

3D model of a mechanical piping assembly next to its corresponding schematic diagram, demonstrating the practical application of BIM in learning complex systems.

What Students Say

Industry-Recognized Certification

Upon finishing BIM Courses and project assignments at BIM Cafe, candidates will earn a valuable industry-recognized certification. This certification validates their advanced proficiency in BIM, carrying significant weight in the job market. Employers highly regard certificates from respected training institutions like BIM Cafe, enhancing candidates’ competitiveness and unlocking diverse BIM job prospects. Holding this reputable certification sets candidates apart, granting them the qualifications to capitalize on lucrative opportunities in their careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BIM Cafe operates under the guidance of DDG BIM Services, a BIM detailing company situated in Infopark, Ernakulam. The BIM courses offered by BIM Cafe are instructed by experts in the field from DDG BIM. These instructors bring practical insights from real-time projects completed at DDG BIM, offering hands-on familiarity with BIM technology and processes. Their teaching approach emphasizes staying updated with the latest advancements. Through practical learning and exposure to real-world projects, students gain the knowledge and confidence necessary for success in this industry.

BIM Cafe presents three primary BIM courses for Architects and Civil Engineers: BIM Basic, Professional, and Master courses. Additionally, we offer the Revit MEP Master course for MEP Engineers. These courses suit different skill levels and career objectives. Led by experienced instructors, each course provides hands-on International BIM project training to equip participants with the essential expertise in the dynamic world of Building Information Modeling.

The BIM Basic Course at BIM Cafe spans 2 months. During this period, participants will receive thorough instruction in the basics of Building Information Modeling. This includes learning about BIM principles, processes, and fundamental 3D modeling techniques using Revit software. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to engage in an International project with a Level of Detail 200 as part of the course. Designed for beginners, this course offers a strong foundation to grasp and apply BIM concepts in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors.

The BIM Professional Course at BIM Cafe spans 3 months. In the first 2 months, participants will undergo structured training, exploring advanced BIM methods such as clash detection, project coordination, and collaboration with stakeholders. Subsequently, the final month is dedicated to International project training. During this phase, candidates tackle 2 projects with different Levels of Detail (LOD 200 and LOD 300) and units (Metric and Imperial). Working on these projects allows participants to apply their acquired skills in real-world scenarios. This blend of theory and practice ready participants for elevated BIM roles in the architecture, engineering, and construction sectors.

The BIM Master Course at BIM Cafe lasts for 6 months. It starts with 2 months of intensive training that covers advanced subjects such as BIM strategies, integrated project delivery, data management, and BIM for facility management. Following this training, there's a 4-month global project phase. During this time, participants will work on 3 real-world projects with different Levels of Detail (LOD 200, LOD 300, and LOD 350) from countries where BIM is obligatory. This practical experience helps participants gain proficiency in intricate BIM projects and prepares them to be leaders and innovators in the industry. The BIM Master Course provides a comprehensive and deep learning experience to excel in the dynamic realm of Building Information Modeling.

The BIM Basic Course at BIM Cafe teaches crucial software for Building Information Modeling. Participants will become skilled in using essential tools like Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks Manage, as well as BIM 360 and Recap for viewing. These software are vital for BIM workflows and are widely applied in architecture, engineering, and construction fields. Throughout this course, participants will learn to efficiently use these tools to make 3D models, collaborate with teams, detect clashes, and manage project data effectively.

The BIM Basic Course at BIM Cafe teaches crucial software for Building Information Modeling. Participants will become skilled in using essential software like Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks Manage, as well as tools like BIM 360 and Autodesk Recap. These software are vital for BIM workflows and are widely applied in architecture, engineering, and construction fields. Throughout this course, participants will learn to efficiently use these tools to make 3D models, collaborate with teams, detect clashes, and manage project data effectively.

The BIM Master Course at BIM Cafe covers an extensive range of advanced software used in Building Information Modeling. Participants will gain expertise in Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks Manage, Dynamo Basics, Lumion, ReCap Pro, and SketchUp. These powerful software applications are essential for handling complex BIM projects, enabling participants to efficiently manage 3D modeling, clash detection, project coordination, automation, visualization, point cloud data, and more. With hands-on training in these cutting-edge tools, participants in the BIM Master Course will be equipped to lead and innovate in the field of BIM and make a significant impact in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.

Architects (B Arch / M Arch): Architects seeking to improve their understanding of BIM workflows and technologies can benefit from these courses to effectively implement BIM in their design processes.

Civil Engineers (M Tech, B.E/ B Tech, Diploma, or ITI): Civil engineers can attend these courses to learn how BIM can be utilized in construction and infrastructure projects, aiding in better project coordination and collaboration.

Mechanical Engineers (B.E/ M Tech, B.E/B Tech, Diploma, or ITI): Mechanical engineers can gain valuable insights into BIM applications for HVAC, MEP systems, and other mechanical components in construction projects.

Electrical Engineers (B.E/ M Tech, B.E/B Tech, Diploma, or ITI): Electrical engineers can utilize the BIM courses to understand how BIM can optimize electrical systems and facilitate efficient project management.

Interior Designers: Interior designers can attend these courses to learn how BIM can be employed to visualize and implement interior designs effectively within architectural projects.

Yes, the BIM Professional Course at BIM Cafe is suitable for interior designers. The course covers a wide range of advanced BIM methodologies and software applications that are relevant to interior design projects within the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. By attending the BIM Professional Course, interior designers can enhance their skills and knowledge in utilizing BIM for visualizing, coordinating, and managing interior design elements effectively. The course provides valuable insights into collaboration techniques with other professionals involved in the construction process, making it a valuable resource for interior designers looking to excel in their field through the implementation of BIM technologies.

Yes, the BIM Professional Course at BIM Cafe is suitable for individuals with an ITI (Industrial Training Institute) background. The course is designed to cater to a diverse range of professionals, including civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, architects, and individuals with ITI qualifications. The BIM Professional Course provides comprehensive training on advanced BIM methodologies and software applications used in the AEC industries. Participants with an ITI background can benefit from this course by gaining valuable skills in 3D modeling, clash detection, project coordination, and collaboration techniques, which are essential for successful BIM implementation. The course offers a great opportunity for ITI graduates to enhance their expertise and advance their careers in the dynamic field of Building Information Modeling.

BIM Coordinator Professional Training equips participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in coordinating and managing BIM projects, contributing to successful project outcomes.

Yes, the courses at BIM Cafe cover a complete and detailed syllabus. For more information about the specific topics covered in each course, please download our comprehensive brochure. The brochure contains a detailed outline of the syllabus for each course, including the modules, learning objectives, and practical exercises. Reviewing the brochure will give you a clear understanding of the course content and help you make an informed decision about which course aligns best with your learning goals and professional aspirations.

No, there are no specific prerequisites for enrolling in the BIM Professional Course at BIM Cafe. The course is designed to accommodate individuals with various backgrounds and skill levels, including civil engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, architects, and other professionals interested in advancing their knowledge in Building Information Modeling. Whether you have prior experience in BIM or are new to the concept, the BIM Professional Course is open to all individuals eager to enhance their expertise in BIM methodologies and software applications.

Yes, upon completing a training course at BIM Cafe, you will receive a certificate of course completion. Additionally, if the course includes a practical project component, you will also receive a project completion certificate. These certificates serve as a testament to your successful completion of the course and your proficiency in the specific skills and knowledge gained during the training. They can be valuable additions to your professional portfolio and can enhance your career prospects in the field of Building Information Modeling.

Yes, BIM Cafe provides 100% assured placement assistance to participants after completing the course. Our institute is dedicated to helping our students secure relevant job opportunities within the AEC industries. We offer comprehensive placement support, including job placement resources, networking opportunities, resume assistance, and interview preparation. Our goal is to ensure that our graduates have the best possible chances of finding suitable employment and launching a successful career in the field of Building Information Modeling.

Yes, it is possible for someone with no project experience in Revit to enroll in BIM Cafe's BIM courses. Our courses are designed to accommodate individuals with varying levels of experience, including beginners who are new to Revit or have no prior project experience in the software. Our instructors provide comprehensive training that covers the fundamentals of Revit and other BIM-related software, ensuring that participants can quickly grasp the concepts and gain practical experience through hands-on exercises and real-world projects. BIM Cafe welcomes learners from all backgrounds and aims to equip them with the necessary skills to excel in the field of Building Information Modeling, regardless of their prior project experience in Revit or other BIM tools.

At BIM Cafe, classes are offered in both online and offline formats. Students have the flexibility to choose between attending classes virtually from the comfort of their own location or participating in physical, in-person classes at our designated training centers. This approach allows learners to opt for the mode of learning that best suits their preferences and needs.

Yes, it is possible to pay the fee in installments at BIM Cafe. Students have the option to make the payment in three installments, making it more convenient and manageable for them to pursue their desired courses. This flexible payment plan allows individuals to access high-quality training without having to bear the full financial burden upfront.