Revit Courses in Ernakulam

Revit Courses in Ernakulam

Revit is a commercial software. It is a building information modelling software by the company Autodesk. This software is used prominently to ease the process of building plans. It is generally used by those in the construction field like architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors. Thus, being familiar to use the Revit could benefit you with your career. This offers several jobs in the construction field for architects and engineers. BIM Café is offering advanced classes for Revit and other BIM software with skilled team of professional. Thus, we are offering best Revit courses in Ernakulam.

Revit for Architects

As we know, BIM tools have revolutionized architecture. Here you can see some of the things that architects can do with Revit software.

  • Design and Documentation – Revit will allow you place real-life building components like windows, walls and doors. Moreover, it will help you in generating floor plans, elevations, sections, details and more. BIM made these processes more efficient and straightforward.
  • Analysis – With advanced analysis, Revit users can optimize the functionality of their architectural design. Moreover, Revit can run highly accurate cost estimates and can monitor the performance of the building in its lifecycle. BIM Café is the leading institute to offer Revit software training in Kochi.
  • Visualization – Revit can be used for 3D building design visualization. With this you can access your building model in virtual reality.
  • Multidiscipline coordination – As Revit is a multidiscipline BIM platform, architects will be able to share their Revit models with structural engineers and construction professionals. This will not only speed up the design processes but also make team members more efficient. It will also significantly improve the final product.
  • Revit for Structural Engineers

    Structural engineering also has benefitted from the emergence of the BIM model. Now, it has become almost impossible in becoming a relevant structural engineer without having basic knowledge of Revit. BIM Café is offer Revit training in Kochi with live projects.

    Here are the things structural engineers can do with it:

  • Reinforcement Detailing –With Revit and its add-ons, you can create 3D reinforcement designs. Moreover, you can also produce reinforcement shop drawings with the use of rebar schedules.
  • Construction Documents – With Revit you will be able to create more accurate steel and concrete designs. With this, stakeholders and customers will be able to review your plans better.
  • Structural Analysis – Revit will allow you to have cloud based structural analysis while you continue to work on that construction project.
  • Linking with Steel Fabrication -The interoperability between Revit and advanced steel. It will provide you with smooth workflow from a kind of steel design to a kind of fabrication. Revit BIM courses in Kochi will definitely help you to improve your career.
  • Revit for Designers and Contractors

    Revit has made the designers and contractors to become more efficient and effective in their service. This will help them in coordinating with other teams to fulfil their tasks accurately.

  • Integrated Design – Revit will streamline the engineering design process. It will allow you to integrate with the architects and engineers before you start the construction.
  • Analysis – Just like other professionals, MEP engineers also have various tools in Revit. It will help in conducting simulations and run interference detection.
  • Documentation – This will allow you to create, model, and document MEP system.
  • Fabrication – Revit will help MEP engineers to create fabrication ready models for their purpose. By providing excellent training, BIM Café is the leading team to offer advanced BIM courses in Kochi.