BIM Professional Course For Interior Designers

Who Should Attend?

  • Interior designers seeking to upgrade their skills and embrace the latest industry trends.
  • Architects or engineers are interested in expanding their knowledge of BIM for interior design fit-out projects.
  • Construction professionals aiming to improve coordination and collaboration with interior design teams.
  • Students or graduates pursuing a career in interior design or Architecture.

Software Covered:

Topics Covered

The BIM Professional Course for Interior Designers is a specialized program designed to equip professionals in the field with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the world of interior design using Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of how BIM tools and techniques can be applied to enhance the design, visualization, and coordination of interior spaces. Participants will learn to create detailed 3D models, collaborate effectively with architects and engineers, and streamline the entire design process. With a focus on practical applications and industry-relevant skills, this course empowers interior designers to stay at the forefront of their field by harnessing the power of BIM technology.

BIM Professional Course For Interior Designers

BIM Professional Course For Interior Designers

icon Duration 3 Months
icon Lessons 7 Chapters
icon Language English, Malayalam
icon Certificate Yes
icon Software Covered 5
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