BIM Master Course

Thehe BIM Professional Course is designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills for success in the BIM field. This comprehensive program covers in-depth training for Revit and Navisworks Manage, accompanied by various assignments. The course’s software emphasis is 60% on Revit, 20% on Navisworks Manage, 10% on AutoCAD, and the remainder on other tools. Upon mastering the software, participants engage in global projects to apply their knowledge. This course not only provides a competitive advantage in the job market but also enhances project coordination and efficiency. Spanning 3 months, the program covers all essential aspects, enabling participants to effectively apply BIM methodologies for improved project outcomes upon completion.

BIM Master Course Overview

  • Focused on beginners and professionals in the Architecture, Engineering & Construction industry.
  • Introduction to BIM & BIM LOD's (Level Of Development)
  • BIM process, and benefits of BIM
  • Detailed software & tool training
  • Software: Revit, Navisworks Manage, AutoCAD, BIM360, Recap, Lumion, Sketchup, Rhinoceros
  • Master the art of understanding client design instructions.
  • Parametric family creation
  • Construction documentation
  • Clash detection and coordination
  • Mock interviews & resume support
  • Scan to BIM advanced training.
  • 3 International project training. (LOD 200 , LOD 300, LOD 350)
  • Guaranteed help in securing jobs at international BIM companies.

Software Covered:

Learning Objectives

Students and professionals who desire to do well in building information modelling can do so by enrolling in the BIM Master Course at the BIM Cafe, which offers a comprehensive learning experience. The course gives learners the skills they need to foster innovation, encourage effective communication among stakeholders, and improve project outcomes in the dynamic world of AEC with its emphasis on practical application, teamwork, and leadership. After completing the programme, graduates become assured and skilled BIM specialists, ready to have a big effect in their respective fields and progress the building sector. The BIM Master Course also emphasises the value of creating a helpful and collaborative learning environment. Participants gain from discussions with professionals in the field and other students, exchanging information and developing strong professional networks.

Target Audience

Students and professionals in the domains of architecture, engineering, construction, and associated industries are the ones who mostly benefit from the BIM Masters Course. Additionally, it is open to anyone who meet the following:

  • Architects (B Arch / M Arch)
  • Civil Engineers (M Tech, B.E/ B Tech, Diploma or ITI)


While the BIM Masters Course doesn't have strict prerequisites, it's useful to know a bit about construction, engineering/architecture basics, and using computers. The course is designed for various skill levels and teaches BIM concepts effectively. At BIM Cafe, we create a friendly learning space where everyone, no matter their background, can learn to use BIM in their jobs successfully.

Teaching Methodology

The BIM Masters Course at BIM Cafe makes learning better by using a mix of teaching methods. You'll do real BIM projects in interactive workshops, activities, and lessons. In the first 2 months, we'll focus on teaching Revit and Navisworks Manage. Then, for the next 4 months, you'll work on different project levels (LOD 200, LOD 300, and LOD 350). Participants will also receive a clear explanation of the technical aspects and become familiar with other BIM tools.To suit how everyone learns, the course is flexible, offering online and in-person options, along with workshops and different ways of learning. The main aim is to give you a great education in building information modeling (BIM).

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BIM Master Course

icon Duration 6 Months
icon Lessons 7 Chapters
icon Language English, Malayalam
icon Certificate Yes
icon Software Covered 8
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