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Best New Features in Revit

  • April 07, 2023

Revit 2023 has many new features. With this, the big winners are advanced users and BIM managers. You will get to know more about the Revit and how to use it with BIM Café. By giving excellent training with many advanced software, BIM Café is the leading BIM training institute to offer Revit courses in Kochi. Here we can see the advanced and improved features of the Revit. This blog will be definitely helpful if you are an advanced user or BIM manager.

1. Revamped New Dynamo 2.13 – The new release of dynamo is really amazing. Here the user interface has been revamped and modernized. Moreover, everything here feels to be fresh and smooth. Here new nodes are added which will make the searches faster. BIM Café is giving best training with advanced software and is the best BIM Training Institute in Ernakulam. Here are few examples of revamped UI:

  • It uses new Artifakt font which has been created by Autodesk.
  • The entire has a dark theme as default.
  • In addition to menu, there are black nodes which has small image preview on left corner.
  • Better warning window.
  • Better groups.
  • Interactive wires.
  • 25 new units nodes
  • Show and install missing packages

2. Filter Schedules by Sheet – You can now check the filter by sheet box at the bottom of a schedule’s filter menu.

3. New Icons for Views Placed on Sheet in Project Browser – Views placed on sheet will have an icon with a filled blue coloured square next to the name. Views not placed will have empty grey colour square.

4. New Dynamo Player – The new features of this include search for scripts and create different sub-folders, adding image preview and adding URL links.

5. Measure in 3D views – Measure tool is now available in 3D view. You can use the tool without the need for setting up work planes.

6. Duplicate Material and its Shared Asset – You can now duplicate material and assets with an option for this.

7. Support Material Textures and Decals with Cloud Paths – Cloud paths can be used to reduce the amount of images broken links and make it easier to work with.

8. Activate Controls and Dimensions – Here you will find the ‘Activate Control’ tool

9. Hide Worksharing “Make Editable” Icons

10. Element Mapping for IFC Exports – This is a great update for those people who work with IFC files.

11. Duplicate Family Parameter – When it is inside a family, you can click the icon below to quickly duplicate a family.

12. Casework Category Supports Join Geometry – The join tool now work with the casework category. With this you can join the families together.

13. Sort Page Order for PDF, Printing and Export– There is now ‘Edit Print Order’ tool that allows in reordering the pages.

14. Enabled Cutting in View Option for These Categories.

15. Tag Model Links and RVT Links

16. Temporary Dimensions for Element with Nested Family Elements – The ‘Activate Dimensions’ tool has been removed. Here temporary dimensions will show up for all families.

17. Draw Filled Regions in 3D Families – In 3D families you can draw filled regions.

18. Swap Views on Sheets– You can switch the selected swap view for a different one.

19. Filter Walls by Base Constraint and Other Parameters

20. Conditional Formatting by Family and Type.

BIM Café is offering training in all advanced BIM related software. This will definitely help in improving your skills. With the excellence in training with live projects, BIM Café is the leading institute to offer BIM certification courses in Ernakulam.